Попечительский совет и спонсоры

Планируется тесное сотрудничество с «Southern Manufacturing Group» и другими коммерческими организациями, непосредственно занимающимися разработкой новых пробиотиков. Также находится в процессе создания консультационная группа, состоящая из представителей местного агробизнеса, администрации и научных сотрудников/профессуры Донского Государственного Технического Университета.

Лионг Мин Цзе

MinTze Liong obtained her PhD from Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia (2006) at the age of 28. She joined Universiti Sains Malaysia in Dec 2006, promoted to Senior Lecturer in Aug 2008, Associate Professor in July 2010 and Professor in October 2015. She has actively published research papers, serves as Editorial Board members of reputable journals, and delivered keynote and plenary lectures both nationally and internationally. Prof. Liong has also commercialized her research to industries from Asia and Europe. Prof. Liong was the recipient of the Best Research Student Award (Victoria University, Australia; 2006), finalists for the Malcolm Bird Award (Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology; 2006), and named one of the three top young women scientists in Malaysia (2007) by FWIS L’Oreal-UNESCO. She was also awarded the IAP Young Scientist, to represent Malaysia at the World Science Forum in Budapest to pitch for changes in science policies in the Hungarian Parliament (2015). In 2016, Prof. Liong was named as one of the Top Research Scientists of Malaysia, awarded by Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM). In 2020, she is listed among the top 2% of global scientists as compiled by Stanford University.

Донник Ирина Михайловна

Вице-президент Российской академии наук, академик Российской академии наук

Vyacheslav K. Ilyin

Ilyin Vyacheslav Konstantinovich, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, was born in 1959, has been working at the State Research Center of the Russian Federation at the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences since 1982 after graduating from the 1st Moscow I.M. Sechenov Medical Institute, Faculty of Sanitary and Hygiene. V.K. Ilyin heads the Department of sanitary and hygienic safety of humans in an artificial environment, and the Laboratory of human microbial ecology. V.K. Ilyin’s scientific interests are mainly related to the study of the influence of extreme environmental factors (space flight factors, hyperbaric environment) on natural colonization barriers of humans in an artificially modified environment (space flights, long stay in ground-based hermetic facilities), as well as methods for correcting their condition, based on autoprobiotics. The obtained results are reflected in the monograph “Colonization resistance of the organism in changed habitat conditions.” With the active participation of V.K. Ilyin, new probiotics are being developed, including autoprobiotics. Another area of scientific activity of V.K. Ilyin is the study of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells: cultural characteristics, the possibility of horizontal exchange of genetic material during conjugation and transduction, the ability to withstand high temperatures in astrobiological experiments, in particular, in experiments to study the possibility of penetration of exogenous unicellular organisms into composition of the meteorite mass to the Earth. This work is carried out in the interests of lunar program implementation. VK Ilyin is a full member of the International Academy of Astronautics (Department of Life Sciences). V.K. Ilyin is a member of the editorial board of the journal Ecological Engineering and Environment Protection.

Alexander N. Suvorov

Professor, MD, Corresponding member of Russian academy of sciences. He is head of the Department of Molecular Microbiology in the Institute for Experimental Medicine, Saint Petersburg, Russia. At the same time, he is head of the Department of Fundamental medicine in Saint Petersburg state University, and the Head of the Department of microbial therapy in the National Center of the world level. His main scientific interest is molecular microbiology of pathogenic and health beneficial bacteria and vaccine development. During his scientific career, he obtained several awards and grants from several Russian and international funding agencies. In 2020 he was appointed as the Honorary director of the Institute of Agro-food Science and technology Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences. He co-authored more than 20 patents, more than 200 papers and several books .

Georgy Yu. Laptev

Dr. Georgy Yu. Laptev is f Head of the Biotroph Ltd. In 1999 he fouded Biotroph Ltd. Now it is one of the leader Russian market of the microbial feed additives. He serves as f Head and a professor of the Departament of Forage Biotechnology in Sankt-Petersburg Agrarian University (Sankt-Petersburg, Russia). Dr. Laptev is an applied molecular microbiologist studying microorganisms in silage and gastrointestinal microbiota of the farm animals. He holds the M.S. summa cum laude degree in Microbial Genetics from the Sankt- Petersburg State University (Russia) and the Ph.D. degree from the Institute of Agricultural Microbiology (Sankt-Petersburg , Russia). He is Doctor of Science (2009, Animal Husbandry Institute, Moscow region). Dr. Laptev is the laureate of prise of the Russian Federation Government (Agricultural Science, 2017). He co-authored several patents, more than 60 papers and 4 book chapters. Dr. Laptev serves as a Member of the Editorial Boards of Agricultural Biology, Journal of Dairy and Meat Husbandry, Husbandry of Russia, Proc. Sankt-Petersburg Agrarian State University.

Dzung B. Diep

Dr. Dzung B. Diep is a group leader of the research group Laboratory of Microbial Gene Technology (Norway), and a professor at the Faculty of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science (Norwegian University of Life Sciences). He has a background in molecular microbiology and has a keen interest in bacteriocin research, both fundamental and applied. This includes bacteriocin screening, purification, functional genetics, quorum sensing/gene regulation, receptor identification and mode of action studies. His recent focus is to understand how bacteriocins interact with their receptors on target cells and how these interactions eventually lead to the destruction of target cells. Knowledge from these studies is important to develop bacteriocins into safe and efficient applications, both as food preservatives and as novel drugs. He has an increasing interest in applied research, especially to develop bacteriocins into drugs to fight antibiotic-resistant pathogens. He holds a Master of Science from the University of Oslo and a Dr. science degree from the Agricultural university of Norway. His academic training includes a postdoc at University of Victoria (Canada) and a postdoc at the National hospital (Norway). He serves as PI, co-PI or partner in several national projects and one EU project. He coauthored several patents, more than 100 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters. His current H-index at Web of Science is 37.

Santosh Kumar Tiwari

Dr. Santosh Kumar Tiwari is a Head of the Microbial Genetics Laboratory and Associate Professor at Department of Genetics, Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, Haryana, India. Presently, he is Deputy Coordinator of Government of India sponsored Capacity Building Programme, “Bioperspecting natural products for socioeconomic developments”. He was Indo-US Research Fellow at Rutgers University, USA and India- Australia Research Fellow at Monash University, Australia. Dr. Tiwari works in the area of microbial technology on different aspects of bacteriocins of probiotic lactic acid bacteria for their applications in food and medicine. He holds PhD degree in Genetics from Delhi University, India. Dr. Tiwari’s external funding stems from mostly government organizations such as Indian Council of Medical Research, University Grant Commission, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Indian National Science Academy, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India etc. He has completed 9 research projects with total funding of Rs. 3 crores. He co-authored one book, seven book chapters and more than 40 research papers. Dr. Tiwari serves as a member of Editorial Board of Journal

Svetoslav Dimitrov Todorov

Svetoslav Todorov has completed his Ph.D at ENITIAA, Nantes, France and Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria and postdoctoral studies from Stellenbosch University, Matieland, South Africa. From 2008 till 2019 he was visiting researcher and invited lecture at University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo (SP), Brazil and Federal University of Vicosa, Vicosa (MG), Brazil and served as consultant on several project for EMBRAPA Sobral (CE) and EMBRAPA Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Brazil. Since May 2019 he is a research professor at Handong Global University, Pohang, Republic of Korea. He has published more than 190 papers, in reputed journals (h-factor 44) and serving as a member of the editorial board. He revied more than 120 international journals and serves as associated editor for Probiotics and Antimicrobial Proteins, a journal published by Springer-Nature.